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Computer Programing Awareness Foundation For Girls

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Caf4g Provides Computer Programming Literacy To Secondary School Girls

Activating a Programming Mindset

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Computer Programming Awareness For Girls

The CAF4G foundation provide computer-programming literacy to High/Secondary school girls in South Africa and Nigeria. This is to afford the girls, the opportunity to explore elementary knowledge of software development which they could  apply to  any field of study in future while they are in their  tertiary education.
The CAF4G foundation recognises the  lack of adequate motivation for women in technical fields of study, therefore mentoring an adolescent female in technology, such as computer programming  literacy (coding), mobile application and enterprise application development will be one of their driving force to their love for  Mathematics which  could potentially empower them for a better self-growth, strong technical background as well as increase  their professional contributions to the society at large.
The CAF4G foundation  aims to emphasise the role of technology advancement and women empowerment in the development of Africa economy. Educate a woman, you educate a nation.