Who we are?

The CAF4G foundation provides computer-programming literacy to High school girls. The CAF4G foundation recognises a lack of adequate motivation for women in technical fields of study, hence our purpose of existence is to:
–  Provide programming (coding) literacy to High school students, where the learned skills in software development can be applied to any field they choose to study in Universities and Colleges.
–  Provide software development techniques and guidance to High school students in local communities where computer education may be low or completely absent.
–  Work in collaboration with other organisations that work with Youth and Community Development Projects.
–  Contribute artefacts, materials, equipment and resources to aid the learners in software development  (coding). The items are to be used for the benefits of students towards the learners of CAF4G foundation to enable them to complete their learning curve and benefit from the CAF4G foundation training, most especially learners who cannot afford these materials.