Eunice  studied mathematic –informatics at the national pedagogical university (UPN-DRC) and  worked in the educational sector, assuring that youth she gets in touch with are delight in learning mathematics. Passionate about youth education, Eunice moved to South Africa Pretoria where she continued her studied in Information technology with interest Learning Management System (LMS). She is one of the Technical Advisor and Director of Finance.
  • She continued to help student as Assistant lecturer at the University of Pretoria.
  • Eunice has also worked as in knowledge management dealing with work event (round table, brownbag, happy hour) planning and web content management.
  • She enjoys traveling to new places and meeting new people, learning about their culture and networking.
  • Grateful of the group of people around her, makes sure that she finds a ways to give back to her community.
  •  Her Computer science/ IT degree puts her in position to impact to the lives of young people in and around the World.