Ms Ngwane is one the founders and board members of the IKusasalethu Education Project to help the most marginalised learners. Her passion for community work has also presented her with an opportunity to be the executive member of the Computer Programming Awareness Foundation for Girls (CAF4G) foundation, she works closely with institutions of higher learning, full service schools and high schools nationally, and her main focus is on keeping the girl child in school.

Ms Ngwane has focused her career on developing innovative transition programs and improving post-matric outcomes for youth. Much of her focus is the interplay of individual factors such as gender, socio-economic status, and family expectations, with system level factors such as school services, educational policies, and barriers in the workplace. She has developed school and community based interventions and disseminated findings through school visits and conference presentations. Ms Ngwane has also provided career guidance together with an Ambassador of the Community of Mandela Rhodes Scholars in Lesotho.

Ngwane is passionate about developing youth through coaching and mentoring and she is currently pursuing a Master Degree in Agricultural Management in Extensions at the University of Pretoria, where she is involved in several projects focusing on student life.