Grace Timanyechi Munthali is a board member of the CAF4G in South Africa. She is a proud recipient of the PROVIA Young Researcher Fellowship Program (PYRFP) under the United Nation Environment Programme’s (UNEP).
  • This diligent lady has a Master of Science in Agricultural Economics from the University of Pretoria (2013). Whilst at the university, Tima worked as an assistant researcher at the Institute of Food Nutrition and Well-being.
  • This job exposed Ms Munthali to interacted with youth from different communities around Pretoria on various levels including; community outreach in HIV/AIDS sensitization, youth consultations to ensure that youth concerns are included in the Comprehensive Africa Agriculture Development Program as well various assessments of youth’s interventions in agribusiness.
  • Currently, Tima continues to engage with youth farmers in Malawi by helping them produce profitably and in a sustainable manner by advocating for adoption of the sustainable agricultural technologies.
  • As a researcher, Ms Munthali’s work revolves around science and technology and she believes that instilling this knowledge especially coding among youth can enhance creativity and innovativeness hence ensuring a better future for the world.